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        In 2007, after three years of running a successful lemonade stand for various charities, 8-year-old Sarah Connor founded Lemon Aid to raise environmental awareness and help her home town replace trees lost to disease and weather.  The 20 cherry trees blooming along Northport's Main Street and beautifying Ocean Avenue Elementary School are the result of that dedication.

        In 2011 Joplin, Missouri, a designated American Tree City, lost more than 50% of its trees when it was hit by a devastating F-5 tornado; and Lemon Aid found a new direction.
        Three days after the tornado struck, Sarah contacted Joplin's Mayor and changed the mission of her organization from simply planting trees to helping communities hit by disasters to replant their trees.

        Then in 2012 the Long Island based organization found itself coming to the aid of its own.

        Working with the governing bodies of Oceanside, Long Beach, and the Rockaways Sarah and Lemon Aid helped replant trees and revive the towns ravaged by Superstorm Sandy.

Now Lemon Aid has come full circle with a program designed to help Northport Village residents plant street trees all over the village.  The first of Lemon Aid's Community Grants went into action on November 10, 2014 when Sarah, now 15-years-old, was able to help a group of parents and students at Ocean Avenue Elementary reach their goal of planting nine maple trees along the fence-line between the school's fields and the street.

        While the trees will serve a practical purpose by restoring the soil, providing shade, purifying the air, and keeping the playing area spearated from the street; they also serve an emotional one.  Studies have found that people living with greenery and trees in their communities are happier and healthier.  At playgrounds and in places recovering from disasters, the morale lift provided by Lemon Aid's trees can be even more important than their functional assistance.

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